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   Organisation and

Learning at Woden Early Childhood Centre

We have a range of approaches and strategies to give the children opportunities to learn and develop, and are always assessing and adopting additional strategies.

The strategies we use include:

Partnerships with parents 

We at Woden Early Childhood Centre believe that forming strong partnerships with families is vital in making child care a successful and rewarding experience for children, families and staff.

We encourage strong partnerships by:

  • greeting parents at the start and end of each day seeking and sharing information about each child;
  • working together in supporting routines from home;
  • sharing information about each child's development through the portfolio process;
  • communicating the exciting things that happen each day through the use of the journal;
  • seeking information about children at home by sending their portfolios home and asking parents to add to them in their parent voices; and
  • being interested and available for discussions at any time.

Individual Programs 

Each room has an extra staff member above ratio - to cover breaks and allow the opportunity for staff to spend time working on planning to meet the needs of individual children.  Staff are able to access the programming room to take time out and record observations and plan for each child's needs.   Planned experiences are recorded in the program for the coming week.  

Staff use observations and learning stories as a tool for recording current learning as a record for parents - and the child.  Learning stories are letters to the child which share a special moment in time, reflecting a new skill or interest.  Experiences are planned to extend the skills or interests, they are implemented and then evaluated.

Individual Journals 

Our Centre prides itself on its style of of communicating with families.  We have  a journal in each room where staff record the children's day using digital photos and written evaluation.    Our journal reflects the program and the children's responses to it.  Journaling allows us to communicate special spontaneous moments with our families whilst involving the children at the same time.  The journal is available each day to families who are also invited to include their feedback in the parent voice section.  Looking back through our journals is meaningful to families and staff as we reflect on the growing interests and skills of the children.  


Each child's learning is recorded in their own special book called a portfolio.  The portfolio is made up of information from the centre and from home.  Staff record children's learning through writing observations or learning stories.  Learning stories are letters to the child or parent sharing a special learning moment, recording  the learning thats taking place and also suggesting what we will offer to extend the learning.   The Centre has a goal that each child will have at a minimum 3 learning stories or observations, a selection of artwork (as appropriate to age) and other photos included in their portfolio within the school term.

Portfolios are sent home at the end of school term for parent review and addition.  Parents may wish to include stories from home, birthday celebrations or holiday events.  Staff greatly appreciate this information and feedback.  As the Portfolio is filled up, or the child leaves the Centre, it is given to the family as a record of their time with us.  

Music programs

The Centre has two music specialists visiting the Centre weekly, during school term. They working with different groups of children (babies not included).

There is no extra cost for the music programs.

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